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Introducing... Austin & Min Write A Musical, The Podcast

Artwork by Melissa Nigro

Artwork by Melissa Nigro

I'm proud to announce my latest collaboration! But I don't know yet what it is!

Fellow playwright/composer Austin Zumbro and I are embarking on a new musical theatre project, and we thought it would be fun to capture our creative conversations in a podcast!

So, we hope you enjoy literally listening to two dudes with mics throwing out ideas for an as-yet-unborn musical. We also hope it actually leads to a musical!

Austin & Min Write A Musical, The Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and here!

Creativity Quotation #22

"A perfect theatrical song is not the same as a perfect pop song, nor is it the same as a perfect operatic aria. The kind of storytelling that happens in a musical is specific to the form, where the journeys of the characters on stage determine the pace and tone of the storytelling. The composer of a musical, therefore, has to constantly negotiate between the sheer musical pleasures that the audience (and the composer!) desires and the basic storytelling that the audience is following." - Jason Robert Brown, Composer & Lyricist