Austin & Min Write A Musical
The Podcast

For a few years now, fellow Bay Area playwright/composer Austin Zumbro and I have wanted to collaborate on a project. There were a few false starts, but nothing that came to fruition. Until now...

Join us every week as we attempt to create a new and original musical! Starting from conception to (hopefully) production, you'll get to listen in on what it's like to build a musical from scratch.

Available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or right here on this page (see below).

New episodes released on Tuesdays!

**Note for Parents: while Austin and I have written a lot for young audiences, the project this podcast centers around is not necessarily intended for kids. We aren't terribly crude, but listener discretion is advised.**

Thoughts, feedback, anecdotes you'd like to share with us as we set out on this as-yet-undetermined adventure? You can reach us at: