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What I've Learned From Vlogging (so far) | Weekly Playwright Vlog #26

I have been vlogging for half a year now! To mark this occasion, I reflect on what the entire vlogging process has been like - and get interrupted by some obnoxious traffic noise.

A sampling of YouTubers I like:

How I Got My First World Premiere | Weekly Playwright Vlog #25

The story of how TALES OF OLYMPUS: A GREEK MYTH MUSICAL came to be!
(And consequently, also how GOLD: THE MIDAS MUSICAL came to be)

Tales of Olympus
Bay Area Children's Theatre
The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
GOLD: The Midas Musical

Learning to Start | Weekly Playwright Vlog #16

In which I ramble on about the difficulties of starting things. I promise this wasn't procrastination from starting something.

Berkeley Rep's Ground Floor
Calafia: A Re-Imagining