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Greetings from Miami! | Weekly Vlog #14

Found some time to put together another short vlog while at the TCG Conference!

Little Haiti Photos & Video Info:

- Caribbean Marketplace
- Mural featuring prominent figures in the community
- Mural (info unknown)
- Artwork by Edouard Duval-Carrié
- Sculpture by Edouard Duval-Carrié
- Artwork by Edouard Duval-Carrié
- Mural (info unknown)
- Painting (info unknown) in Libreri Mapou
- Traditional Drumming and Dance Demonstration in the Caribbean Marketplace

Cultural Heritage Alliance Tours South Florida
Edouard Duval-Carrié
Libreri Mapou

Receiving Feedback as a Playwright | Weekly Vlog #13

In which I ramble on about how one can get better at receiving feedback on their work. (Hint: It's not easy)

The Song of the Nightingale
TCG Conference

What I'm Working On | Weekly Vlog #12

Back from the TYA Conference | Weekly Vlog #11

I'm back from Atlanta, and ready to share what all went down at the TYA/USA Festival & Conference!

Jason Reynolds
GOLD: The Midas Musical
Long Wharf Theatre (Jacob Padrón)
Baltimore Center Stage (Stephanie Ybarra)
Story Explorers
Bay Area Children's Theatre
TCG Conference

"Should I attend a theatre conference?" | Weekly Vlog #9

As I prepare for the TYA/USA National Festival and Conference in Atlanta next week, I share some thoughts on the costs and benefits to attending theatre conferences in general.

Theatre Bay Area
Alliance Theatre

Preparing for a Workshop in Charleston, SC | Weekly Vlog #6

What I've been working on this week to get myself ready for a workshop next week of KINDA HOME, a musical collaboration with playwright Brad Erickson.

Pure Theatre
Playwrights Foundation

Networking Thoughts for Playwrights | Weekly Vlog #5

Sharing some quick thoughts about networking as a playwright/musical theatre writer. This was a hastily filmed video, so I'm sure I missed something. Let me know your thoughts on networking below! (Also, I don't know how I end up wearing the same shirts in all my videos. I swear I have more than two outfits...)

Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts
The Rose Theater

5 Things That Surprised Me About Nebraska! | Weekly Vlog #4

As a life-long Californian, there were a few things I didn't expect about living in Nebraska for two weeks!

Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts
The Rose Theater
Hiro 88

Self-Care at an Artists Residency | Weekly Vlog #3

Take a tour of my composer's apartment at KHN in Nebraska City! And along the way, I'll share some things I've learned about self-care and convenience during residencies/travel.


To help those affected by the Nebraska and Iowa floods, visit this site and select "Disaster Relief" when you make your donation:


Yoga with Adriene
Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts

Music: "Save the World (A Little Each Day)" from STEP UP CREW by Min Kahng

Artist Residencies: Things to Consider | Weekly Vlog #2

Sharing some thoughts on artists residencies as I get ready for my upcoming residency at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts in Nebraska City. Be sure to share your questions or experiences at residencies you've been to!

Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts
Djerassi Artists Residency
Dramatists Guild