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Original vs. Adaptation | Weekly Playwright Vlog #33

Sharing some random thoughts on the plusses and minuses of writing original work vs. adaptations.

Dramatists Guild

My Favorite Musical? | Weekly Playwright Vlog #32

In which I discuss my favorite musicals, and how I actually don't really have a favorite musical.

A Short Writing Retreat | Weekly Playwright Vlog #30

I got to spend 3 nights at this lovely retreat center up in Healdsburg, CA, where Brad Erickson and I made some good progress on our musical KINDA HOME. This video reveals that fact that I say "Yeah!" a lot, which I usually edit out of my other videos.

The Bishop's Ranch
Kinda Home
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

Introducing a New Project! | Weekly Playwright Vlog #29

In which I share a brand-new commission I've received (that could lead to my first NYC premiere!) and a demo of the song that helped me get it!


The Adventures of Honey & Leon
Alan Cumming
New York City Children's Theater
Anne Warren (aka Annie Clark)

Recording the GOLD Cast Album | Weekly Playwright Vlog #28

A very brief video on the day we started recording the Original Cast Album for GOLD: The Midas Musical! Actors: Andrew Mondello, Christian Arteaga, Elisha Beston, Matt Standley, Pauli Amornkul

GOLD: The Midas Musical
Opus Studios
SF Symphony

What I've Learned From Vlogging (so far) | Weekly Playwright Vlog #26

I have been vlogging for half a year now! To mark this occasion, I reflect on what the entire vlogging process has been like - and get interrupted by some obnoxious traffic noise.

A sampling of YouTubers I like:

How I Got My First World Premiere | Weekly Playwright Vlog #25

The story of how TALES OF OLYMPUS: A GREEK MYTH MUSICAL came to be!
(And consequently, also how GOLD: THE MIDAS MUSICAL came to be)

Tales of Olympus
Bay Area Children's Theatre
The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
GOLD: The Midas Musical

Creative Planning | Weekly Playwright Vlog #23

When things slow down, there isn't less to do - there are just fewer pressing deadlines that force me to focus on a particular project. So, what do I do with all of the open-ended tasks before me? Get creative and color!

Revisiting WHERE THE MOUNTAIN MEETS THE MOON | Weekly Playwright Vlog #22

This week has been all about revising the score and creating tracks for WHERE THE MOUNTAIN MEETS THE MOON: A MUSICAL ADAPTATION.

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
Bay Area Children's Theatre
South Coast Rep
The Song of the Nightingale

Music or Lyrics First? | Weekly Playwright Vlog #21

In which I answer one of the most commonly asked questions for a songwriter: which comes first, music or lyrics?

The Four Immigrants
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
Bay Area Children's Theatre
South Coast Rep

A CalShakes Day! | Weekly Playwright Vlog #18

Took time at the beginning and end of my day at CalShakes for this vlog. Also, a glimpse into the hike up the hill to get to the Bruns Amphitheater!


Learning to Start | Weekly Playwright Vlog #16

In which I ramble on about the difficulties of starting things. I promise this wasn't procrastination from starting something.

Berkeley Rep's Ground Floor
Calafia: A Re-Imagining

Greetings from Miami! | Weekly Playwright Vlog #14

Found some time to put together another short vlog while at the TCG Conference!

Little Haiti Photos & Video Info:

- Caribbean Marketplace
- Mural featuring prominent figures in the community
- Mural (info unknown)
- Artwork by Edouard Duval-Carrié
- Sculpture by Edouard Duval-Carrié
- Artwork by Edouard Duval-Carrié
- Mural (info unknown)
- Painting (info unknown) in Libreri Mapou
- Traditional Drumming and Dance Demonstration in the Caribbean Marketplace

Cultural Heritage Alliance Tours South Florida
Edouard Duval-Carrié
Libreri Mapou

Receiving Feedback as a Playwright | Weekly Playwright Vlog #13

In which I ramble on about how one can get better at receiving feedback on their work. (Hint: It's not easy)

The Song of the Nightingale
TCG Conference

What I'm Working On | Weekly Playwright Vlog #12