Mountain Rehearsals - Week Four

This week, I made a very exciting discovery. It came out of the need to reformat some of my piano scores so our music director wouldn't have to deal with so many awkward page turns. That's right, I finally discovered the Page Break and System Break functions in Sibelius. It sounds small, but I was so delighted and surprised to discover that with the simple push of a button, I could put page breaks in less-busy measures to allow for easier page turns. I had thought the task would require endless re-spacing and shifting of bars, but nope! I'm happy to add another notch on my Sibelius-literacy belt.

A lion mask in progress.

A lion mask in progress.

In other perhaps more interesting news, the props for our show are being completed, and we are starting to see more of the visual aesthetic take shape. Our set, props and costumes are being built from scratch by some top-notch designers, and each piece we see elicits "oohs!" and "ahs!" from the cast and myself.

I also think I'm finally realizing that another show that I've written is being produced! Silly as it seems, it often takes a while for such moments to hit me as reality. Sometimes people will ask me "Aren't you so excited that your show is opening soon?" and I'll answer with a simple "Yes." And you can tell, folks are let down by the nonchalant affect in my response. But it's not because I'm faking it or because I'm emotionless. Internally, I am excited all the time about the opportunities I've been given. But in the midst of the creative work, the impact of that reality is often kept at bay. Well, this week, I'm feeling the impact. And yes, I'm excited that my third show will be opening soon!

Posted on February 6, 2014 .